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Sometimes when I am nervous about things, I have trouble sleeping. I mean specifically nervous and excited, looking forward to what an experience will bring. This used to happen before the start of each school year, the night before classes start I would have trouble sleeping because I was so excited. It happened the nights before swim meets, the nights before starting most semesters in college, the night before leaving for Berkeley, the night before leaving Berkeley, the night before starting graduate school. Sometimes the nights before leaving to see Ben somewhere, although after awhile that was pretty routine. You can guess where this is going--I am so excited about the wedding, I am starting to have trouble falling asleep at night. There's just so much cool stuff that's about to happen!

Sometimes I have big crazy ambitious ideas, which could never really pan out, but I try anyways and end up with something that makes me happy. This applies to a lot of travel plans I've had, as well as some personal goals (see my last entry!). So, I had this idea that I would learn to play guitar, and sing Ben a song in our wedding ceremony while accompanying myself on guitar. I could have accompanied myself on piano, and I can actually play piano so that's a plus, but pianos aren't very portable, especially to a lake. I had this idea awhile ago, and I got sheet music for the song, purchased a guitar and various guitar materials (I should mention that I'd wanted to learn guitar for awhile so this wasn't a totally random thing), transposed the song chords into a key that didn't scrape the top of my range, and started practicing singing and guitar. Now, practicing singing worked pretty well, and my tone got better and my range extended, and it helped that I could practice singing whatever songs at home as long as I didn't sing the song in front of Ben. Guitar on the other hand... I only had about a month to learn it, and the key I needed had some hard chords where you have to hold down two strings with one finger (hard for a beginner, at least). I got ok, but not very good, and not necessarily good enough to subject a ton of people to my playing. On another front, I proposed having surprises for each other in the ceremony and Ben was set against it. He complained that they almost certainly wouldn't be equitable surprises and he worried about not looking like he had put as much effort into his, since there would be no way to compare. And I had to admit that was reasonable. Well, I could still sing the song for him and he'd like it... right? So today I took him to the practice rooms on campus, explained why I had a guitar, and sang for him. He really liked it, and the impact was just what I hoped for. Plus now I have a guitar, and I really ought to take lessons. We might be able to get someone to play accompaniment, or have a capella something going on, but to be honest my first goal was to have a gift for Ben, and that was accomplished.

Now we are starting to hear what exactly people will talk about, and I think we know how we're going to do vows. It'll be kind of like, the officiant asks us questions about things that are important in marriage (communication, learning from each other, that kind of thing) and we'll say how we will do that, and then finally he'll ask us about love and we'll say nice things while putting rings on each other. Before that is when people from our wedding party will discuss aspects of being married and how we haven't messed them up. (A previous idea we had was listing ways other people's marriage had failed and promising not to do those, since just from our parents' histories we could come up with a lot, but while it's good to learn from others' mistakes it's bad to alienate them.) I think this is going to be really great.

I've seen your face a thousand times
have all your stories memorized
I've kissed your lips a million ways
but I still love to have you around

I've held you too many times to count
I think I know you inside out
and we're together most days
but I still love to have you around

you're the one I want, and it's not just a phase
you're the one I trust, our love is the real thing
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Most of the planning is complete, and I am starting to get very excited about the wedding itself.

We've done most of our late errands at this point, picked up our rings, gotten haircuts, made key copies for the catsitter, made lists of things to pack. We decided to have, instead of a guest book, a frame with two wedding pictures and one of our extra invitations, where guests sign the black matboard with a gold gel pen, so today we picked up the stuff for that and cut the matboard. We also put together framed prints of our engagement photos for each of our parents, excepting Ben's dad who already got his when he visited us in June.

Talking to other people makes me more excited. For example, while my mom was initially kind of 'why don't you just elope' about the wedding, she got a perm (which she hasn't done since before I was born!) and bought a nice mother-of-the-bride dress. It was especially sweet to me that she bought the dress, having initially expressed a desire to wear jeans (I told her she could, by the way). And my dad called today to ask me about what to wear, and sent me a picture of a nice light gray suit he has... you have to understand, what I have seen as 'dressed up' on my dad is a button-down shirt, occasionally with tie. I didn't know he had a suit! And I have talked to some of my bridesmaids recently, which also makes me more excited.

Speaking of what to wear, my mom mailed me the final dress. It still needs some small alterations, which she'll do in Mammoth, in order to fit me well. want to see? )

Overall I really love it, although I don't think it comes across very well in these poor pictures. I am posting because I know some of you want to see anyways. But photos from the wedding, where it is complete and I am wearing the proper stuff with it, will look better.

I heard from [ profile] juhi that she won't be able to make it, due to her work not wanting to give her time off, which is a big disappointment. I really wanted to see her! Even if you know it's true, it's hard to accept that everyone's schedule won't be able to accommodate the wedding. I have some other friends who won't make it either, due to being out of the country or in flight school or other things... that's what pictures are for, right?

By the way, in case there was any question, honeyfund was a really great idea. I think it was [ profile] chickyboo who first mentioned it on her journal, for which I couldn't possibly thank her enough. :) It's already paid about half the cost of our honeymoon, although it does look like some people went for the traditional registry instead. That's fine, since it's not like we don't want any presents, more just that we have most of the stuff we need already but wanted to have a nice honeymoon. Which we will!

Our wedding is a week away, and one thing that feels great is that as it approaches, while I'm still a little unsure that things will go off without a hitch, I feel no doubts at all about marrying Ben. I guess that's to be expected, since we have been dating for almost seven years now. But it's very nice to see the day approaching, the tricky planning mostly done with, friends and family preparing to travel, and feel certain that I'm doing something perfect for me. I got very lucky, did my best not to screw it up and not to let him screw it up, and now here we are. Phew!
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At this point most of the big planning is done, and what remains is small miscellany. I am starting to get nervous, not about being married but about the weekend going off without a hitch, us not leaving our relatives and friends stranded somewhere or lost with no water in the desert. I am pretty sure things will be okay, though. There is delicious food, there is a jazz band, there are flowers, my dress is almost finished, the cake will be delicious, we will have awesome favors. There will be a whirlwind of events, like a bachelorette party, a women's luncheon, a rehearsal barbeque, a group hike, a brunch for everyone, and the wedding itself. The ceremony will somehow work out, and we will most likely end the weekend wed. I won't forget anything here that is too important, as long as I bring our wedding rings.

Recently one of my favorite webcomics, Achewood, has been doing strips about one of its main characters getting married. I love these strips and they both frighten me and make me laugh at my own fears. The story isn't wrapped up yet but here are some of the ones I've enjoyed about weddings; the strip is really quirky so the humor may take getting used to. I highly recommend reading the entire archives though.

I'll know you're married when I smell the Alpo bar! )
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This has been a really nice weekend so far.

Yesterday I spent some time weeding, some time on the phone with my mom about the cake and dress. We went to the Italian Market in the morning, so in the afternoon I was out in the backyard for awhile, reading the New Yorker and eating a lot of fresh strawberries and sugar snap peas. Our peas are dying off because of the heat (they are really a spring/fall vegetable around here), and our blackberry plant has flourished but we've eaten almost all of its bounty. Mmmm. Oh, and we watched some Invader Zim, which is a really funny short cartoon series from a few years ago. Today I went on an 8-mile run, and I was surprised that it felt a lot shorter than the last time I did that particular run. I was filthy and streaming sweat by the time I got back, but it felt great. What is nice is that, after I took a cold shower and laid down in bed to relax and stop sweating, Blinn jumped up on the bed and cuddled up next to me for pets. I love our cats. Since then, been working on our wedding favors for everyone, which is kind of fun.

Wedding planning is going really well. I did make Thursday an artificial deadline to get done a lot of stuff I'd been putting off, and that worked great. I'm sure lots of little things will come up, but I feel on top of things. And increasingly excited.

We're thinking about getting rid of our car. By getting rid of, I mean cancelling insurance and registration and parking it in the driveway at Ben's grandparents' in Levittown, because it is a nice, reliable car and we'll probably need it in 3-ish years when we move back west. But at this point, we don't use it much at all; yesterday when we drove to the Italian Market, it was the first time we'd driven it since 3 weeks ago when I got back from Oregon and Ben picked me up at the airport. We walk to work, we have a cart so we walk to Trader Joe's. I like having a car for the freedom to drive to the shore, or to visit friends, but you can rent a car for that. We don't use it frequently enough that the insurance payments on our car are less than the cost of renting a car when we do want to drive somewhere. Plus, we have Philly Carshare here, and there is even a lot for them a block from our house. Ben applied for them and got in, so we're going to start trying it out to see if we want to make the switch. I think it'll happen though; it will save us money and simplify our parking situation. Plus, our car will get fewer dents and won't get broken into.
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So apparently I need to buy a garter? I have a garter belt but that's certainly not coming off in front of everyone. It feels weird looking for garters on the internet.
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dress, originally uploaded by clevermynnie.

This is the second iteration (of three total) of my wedding dress. See my trend of posting dark pictures where it's difficult to see what the dress really looks like? That is because it will be a surprise. Needless to say, I am very excited.

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dad: I tend to keep friends not lose them. I think that you do too. It's a good thing.

me: Yep, because then you can bring all your longtime friends and family to the middle of nowhere and then trick them into falling into an icy cold lake. Um, I mean, I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the wedding! :D


Jun. 17th, 2008 12:39 pm
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I gave a talk for my group meeting this morning, and got some ideas on what experiments to work on next. It is really nice to finally see publishable work stretching out in front of me. Supposedly I will take my oral exam this fall, where I will show preliminary results and explain my thesis project to a panel of professors. I am also taking my last class this fall, so from there on out it's all thesis work, baby. Incidentally, December would be my hoped-for half-way point, if I can graduate in 5 years (which is on the short side of reasonable). It is weird to think that I have been in graduate school for two years now, half the time I was in college. Ben and I went to renew our rental contract for another year, which makes this house the place I've lived the longest since moving away from my parents.

One of my coworkers is in dire straits. She had surgery to get her wisdom teeth removed last week, which I've had and lots of people I know have had, and in general it is not a big deal kind of thing. But apparently her doctor did not prescribe her antibiotics, so she contracted an infection. She and her husband called the doctor twice to ask about swelling, dropping blood pressure, and he said don't worry about it. She began to feel really awful and have trouble breathing, and had her husband take her to the hospital, where they admitted her with septic shock. I didn't know much about this, but it's much more common in older people and has a pretty scary mortality rate. Her age (she is a grad student, one year ahead of me) worked for her, though, so she is still in the ICU but probably through the worst of it. She'll probably be out of commission for awhile though, and I was so alarmed by this happening because I don't think of wisdom teeth removal as a very serious kind of surgery. But it's scary, and she's a really sweet and fun person so I'm relieved she is probably going to be ok. We can't go visit her yet, though, because she's not really awake (this is what my advisor said, who did go to see her).

I am sort of fumbling through the remainder of wedding planning. I have a bad habit of putting off calls I don't want to make, and a lot of the planning calls have been like that so it's getting to the point where it really wears me down. But there is still some remaining stuff to do, and that's not even counting the things we'll have to do right beforehand. Mika and Devin had really nice wedding favors; they had little packets of seeds with a card on them saying to plant them to remember their special day. And we are dragging 50 people to the middle of nowhere, so it seems important to have something nice to thank them. I can't imagine what though. Ben took care of tuxes while I was in Oregon, and we have all the wedding party gifts now, and the flower girl dress. And [ profile] chih's bridesmaid dress came in and it looks beautiful; I am really happy about that. I have been terribly remiss about flowers. Mika's bouquets were wildflowers picked the morning before, attached with rubber bands with a ribbon pinned over them, and they were lovely. I can't decide whether doing something like that would be a big stress relief or alarm me when all I could find would be prickly grass. Though I have seen some really nice herbage bouquets.

I think I should not think about wedding stuff when I feel tired or stressed. I feel like I should get most everything done by the one-month mark, which is next Thursday, and then for the month beforehand I would like to feel nothing but elation as it marches closer. In fact, if I buckled down and did the few remaining things that I'm dreading beforehand, that is definitely an achievable goal. Going to other people's weddings does make me more excited about my own. :)


Apr. 11th, 2008 11:32 am
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The last couple weeks have been meh for me, for a variety of reasons--boring research, being tired of homework, frustration with wedding planning, not getting enough exercise. But this week things are picking up and turning around. Yesterday the weather was beautiful, finally up in the high 60s/low 70s, and all the cherry blossom trees are blooming. I am going to a cherry blossom festival in Fairmount Park this weekend, which should be really nice. My research started progressing some, and I learned to do something I wasn't much good at before (some Matlab things). And at last the wedding is coming together--bridesmaid dresses are on order, we sent a retainer for a photographer today, we are supposed to get a catering menu soon, our honeymoon is booked--so even though there's still a lot to do on it, I no longer feel like we are not moving forward with things. We even started getting reply cards back from our invitations!

A plus to it being warm is that we can leave our windows open now, and the cats love to sit at them and watch birds and cars, and I think just smell the air. At Easter my mom sent me a pot of lily of the valley, which sits on my desk and is now blooming. It smells heavenly! I heard that people put it into bridal bouquets for the scent, and thought it was a little silly because it is too small and delicate-looking in my opinion to be a good flower for a large bouquet. But the scent is amazing; I understand it now.

white dress

Apr. 3rd, 2008 10:49 am
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As I've mentioned, my mom is sewing my wedding dress. Since she hasn't made a dress like this before, needed to combine several patterns, and can't easily have me try it on, what she decided to do was sew a practice dress out of muslin and send it to me. I can indicate alterations that need to be made, and send it back, and then she will make the alterations and then disassemble the muslin dress and use it as a pattern for the real thing. I received the practice dress in the mail yesterday, and had Ben take some pictures to e-mail to my mom. I was going through them this morning and found this really striking one he took, which was backlit because it was getting dark but we were trying to keep the natural lighting. Ben never takes pictures and doesn't even own a camera, but he's really quite good at it.

practice dress, originally uploaded by clevermynnie.


Apr. 1st, 2008 07:51 pm
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It's hard to get the taste of envelopes out of my mouth. And you know what that means... invitations are assembled, stamped, and ready to be mailed tomorrow! It's very exciting.

invitations, originally uploaded by clevermynnie.

invitation fan, originally uploaded by clevermynnie.

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Wedding planning progresses, albeit with some bumps along the way. In case you didn't know, a "bump" in wedding plans pretty much always means, "This vendor told me I would have to pay this, but now they are saying it will cost twice as much." The two main assumptions of wedding planners are that since you only intend to get married once, you're willing to be profligate, and since your parents are paying for it, they must have saved lots of money for this day. These are painful when you are trying to be thrifty because you have a little money from your parents, but they thought it was a better idea to pay for college than pay for an extravagant wedding. I have to say, that was solid logic from them.

But while I'm not enjoying the expense, I am excited about lots of aspects of the planning. We'll be getting a catering menu from a Mexican place soon which I'm looking forward to going over, and I'm in the final process of picking a bridesmaid dress with the help of my bridesmaids. I really like the dresses they are choosing from; I would almost want one myself. My mom is making practice cakes and giving them away to my friends in town, and she's also finished with the practice dress (in muslin, which I will fit and then tear apart to be the pattern). All the party aspects are going to be a lot of fun, and I'm also really looking forward to writing the ceremony in collaboration with the wedding party.

Something that has come up a fair amount, though, in my discussions with Ben about different aspects of the wedding, is the idea of being different from standard weddings. We agreed at the beginning that we would do things in a way that made us happy, and try not to feel bound by tradition. But at the same time, we also agreed not to reject anything out of hand because it was 'traditional'. Read more... )


Mar. 3rd, 2008 05:01 pm
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Yes, I have turned in to someone who posts about their cats, but I think you should know that ours are getting along really well now. I was worried about this, but we emptied out a spray bottle and started leaving them together but spraying them with water when things got too rough. They spent a day very wet and now play a lot but get hissy and growly a lot less. And we'll find them curled up together asleep on the couch, or on the cat bed Ben put under his monitor to steal them from me. At some point he apparently found them sitting together, licking each other's faces, which is very cute.

The first paragraph was a ruse; this entry isn't entirely about cats. I finally finished the last fellowship application I was working on, in a flurry of signatures, paperwork, and express mail. Which means I applied for three, all national and all really competitive. I have to admit that I don't expect to get any; it's just too reminiscent of the first time I applied to graduate school. Some of them, this is the last year I am eligible, and there are some especially for women that I will still be eligible for next year. But applying to them is so very unpleasant, and sort of expensive with all the transcripts and things that you need. It seems like a waste of time that you could be spending on research, but then I wouldn't sneeze at the extra money. There is a Penn fellowship I would be eligible for except that only one person in each research group can have one, and someone else in my lab already has one. But maybe in a few years I can steal it from her.

I like reading pop neurology books, like Phantoms in the Brain, and I just finished Oliver Sacks' classic The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. It is a series of case studies, and one of his comments really took me aback. He mentioned that Shostakovich was examined by a Chinese neurologist who found a metal splinter in his brain, embedded there no doubt sometime during his military career (from which a lot of his best work comes). He apparently refused to have it removed, and claimed that when he tilted his head to the side, he heard melodies which he made prolific use of in his composing. I was unable to find much confirmation of this on the internet, though, which seems weird for such a cool factoid. The same fact is referred to in a 1998 New Scientist article, though. Apparently Sacks has a new book about the neurology of music, which I should really get from the library.

And also, we received our wedding invitations in the mail and they are beautiful; I'm very happy with them. We also got some quasi-engagement photos in the mail, which were a present from my dad, and I want to see if I can scan them in before giving them to people. I wish I could still ninja Chih's scanner.


Feb. 20th, 2008 10:48 am
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spices, originally uploaded by clevermynnie.

When Ben and I first moved in together we cooked a lot. We would make scheduled menus for the week, and plan ridiculously elaborate things for them, so that we'd come home at 6:30 tired and hungry and see that we needed to spend 30 minutes making curry paste and an hour making curry, or something ridiculous like that. We got a little smarter about making stuff with lots of leftovers on the weekend, or making sure that weeknight cooking was low-stress, but it was still kind of a hassle. Over the summer while Ben was gone, I cooked some but not a lot, opting for simple-to-prepare things instead. And during last fall, we cooked a little but nothing hardcore, I think, because we were both very busy.

All this time with not that much cooking has led me to recently really feel like making things. Which is great, because we have lots of excellent cookbooks! Over the weekend we made spicy yogurt-marinated chicken from an Indian cookbook we recently received, along with saffron rice and baby bok choy, because Ben's step-grandparents came to have dinner with us. I made beef panaeng last week, which is a great dish because if you make the curry paste in advance, it is super-easy. And for some reason we have lots of onions, so I made my mom's recipe for creole onion soup which is delicious, especially with fresh sourdough bread like Ben often makes. We got a pork tenderloin recently and brined it with a recipe from the Achewood cookbook (it would be weird to take a recipe from a webcomic character except that the artist obviously really loves to cook) which was really good. And for some reason we started receiving Bon Appetit, probably as a Christmas gift but we have no idea from whom, so I took a recipe for mustard-coriander potatoes out of it and made that. Oh yeah, and my mom got us a huge amount of Bueno's autumn roast green chile, so we've taken to making sourdough pizzas with mozzarella and goat cheese, corn, green chile, bell pepper, onion, and garlic olive oil. They are so very delicious. Tonight I am making spicy lemongrass chicken soup!

Chih mentioned the idea of us catering our own wedding, which to be honest would be really great. But it would be a big stress at a time of what I am told is already a lot of stress, so we're opting to find a caterer instead. Did you know that about 40% of the cost of the average wedding is catering? Crazy. My mom actually offered to cater as well, and she is an amazing cook, but she is also doing the cake and my dress so we figure that is enough, and she should get to actually enjoy the wedding.
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I had sort of a hard week, with a lot of work in the lab and some lengthy homework due, and on top of that Blinn being so sick (he is now feeling much better!) and having to give cats a lot of medication, and... wait a minute, aren't I getting married soon?

cut in case wedding planning is boring to everyone but me )


Jan. 7th, 2008 04:06 pm
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We are trying to get a ceremony venue and a date for our wedding, since this seems to be the part one does way in advance. Once we have that, we can probably relax more about the other details, plus now we are on vacation and have time. So we've been working on that today, and since neither of us really likes cold calling people or companies for information, we've been alternating.

There was a lady who runs a flower shop and does wedding consulting, who is a friend of Ben's family, who we had to call. It was my turn, and Ben argued I'd be better equipped to do it because she'd probably have a lot of information and I could take notes and process it more easily. So I called her, and wrote down some of her venue suggestions, notes like "cheap" or "ceremony only could be a problem" or "overused". She mentioned the lakes along the June Lake loop as being a nice location that would be very cheap or free, so we looked for information on that online. They didn't have anything very helpful, so Ben sat down with the notepad and called the chamber of commerce for June Lake. He talked to someone there for a bit, who eventually said they'd compile some information and call him back, so he gave her his name and phone number. When he got off the phone, he looked up at me and said, "I don't think my notes are very useful. I just wrote down my name."

And it was true, he did, and it was just so hilarious.
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I really like Ben's family.

We've been hanging out with them a lot, first in San Diego, now in Ojai. We went to the San Diego Zoo (for free!) with a bunch of his family, including his adorable two year old niece, and then stayed the whole day. We had a nice sushi dinner with Winnie and Jim, his mom and stepdad, and then another nice dinner with them plus his sister, Aimee. We also saw the Golden Compass (for free! worth the price...), walked between the bluffs and the ocean, and read outside in a hammock. Yesterday we took a train up here, and I realized to my great horror on the train that I never did my NDSEG essays and the deadline was Wednesday. Or at least, I thought it was Wednesday, and it turned out it's this coming Monday, so I freaked out a lot and then was relieved and now am actually doing them. I knew I had to do them over the holidays, but then things started happening and I just forgot.

Now we're in Ojai, helping walk dogs and reading. It was pouring rain yesterday, and today it's just gray, with big misty clouds washing over the surrounding mountains. And verbally figuring out parts of the wedding, of course. Right now it's slated for late July or early August in Mammoth Lakes, which will solidify once we figure out a venue. (I really like the idea of Convict Lake or Tamarack Lodge.)
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I am still a little bit bowled over, and there are things I have been thinking that I forgot to say yesterday.

Firstly, I was floored that Ben actually got some friends and family to be there when he proposed, because one of the silly things I'd told him was that it would be cool to be proposed to in front of friends or parents or something, but I didn't expect him to really do that. And it happening in New Mexico was perfect. Every time I come back here I have mixed feelings; on the one hand, I grew up here, and I miss lots of things about it, but on the other hand, I don't want to move back, to the town or the state, and it grates on me after awhile. I didn't want to get married here, if we did get married. And the reason is that New Mexico feels like the past, and a wedding is about the future. But on the other hand, I have deep roots here. Having our engagement happen here gives me enough connection to here, though, that I feel totally fine getting married somewhere else.

At Starbucks afterwards, either Jeanine or Ben came up with the idea of getting married in Mammoth Lakes, where Ben's dad has a big house. That really appeals to me, because it has beautiful mountains and scenery, but is in California and is convenient for lots of people. And though Ben's family doesn't live there any more, they moved away pretty recently and have connections, so it wouldn't be so horrible planning everything from afar. I know it is easiest to have your wedding in the same place you are planning things from, but Philadelphia and the East Coast don't mean a lot to me, and I'd rather not do it there.

Because Ben told my parents and some of my closest friends before he told me that he wanted to get married, I have had somewhat fewer people to call about it. But I had to tell my bridesmaids (yes, I kind of already knew who it would be) and my dad has been calling relatives all day, both to wish them a Merry Christmas and to tell them about it. I will get to see all my relatives! At the same time! That's exciting; my family is terrible about keeping in touch. And I will have another round of telling people when I visit Berkeley in January and go up to LBL, which will be fun. And again when I get back to Philadelphia. I'm not sure whether or not to announce it to my WoW guild, ha. Maybe.

It makes me really happy that this happened right before Christmas. I am just overflowing with joy this year. We cooked a big dinner with my dad today, with a pork roast, Moroccan sweet potatoes, stuffing, jalapeno corn chowder, salad, biscuits, and apricot cream. And we drove out to my mom's street to look at the farolitos, under a nearly full moon.

Life is amazing! I love you all!


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