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This weekend was the first weekend I had been at home in a month, and as a result it was NUTS with things going on.

It started off amazing, getting together with friends for drinks after work on Friday and then going with my improv troupe to do karaoke. Not everyone was completely comfortable with the idea of karaoke, but everyone got so into it; we started with all group songs, then duets, then solos, and I got to go out with Oh Darling which is one of my absolute favorites songs to belt out melodramatically. And then after singing for three hours, we went to a loud pub and shouted over background noise for three hours, so it was extremely fun even though my voice was a bit messed up on Saturday.

And actually, Ben had tons of plans for us on Saturday: brewing, having friends over, going to a barbecue with his coworkers and then a screening of Macbeth. I was initially kind of zonked, but managed to pull through the day, and had fun seeing everyone. The Macbeth screening was cool; it was a simulcast of a production at this festival in Manchester, starring Kenneth Branagh and Alex Kingston, and it was just so well done.

On Sunday I managed to squeeze in a short run before heading to brunch, tea, and then an improv jam for Dublin area improvisers. These were all pretty good though in general on Sunday I just felt low-energy, so actually the best part was probably after the improv jam, heading to my friend Nancy's house to help her re-dye her hair purple, watch Father Ted, and mess around on an accordion.
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