Jun. 7th, 2013 11:49 am
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My improv show was amazing!

I was really nervous and excited in the run up to it. We had rehearsed a fair bit to get used to the games we were doing, and to get some practice introducing and explaining what we were doing. But obviously, you never know what's going to be thrown at you, so you can only do so much prep and you just have to trust yourself and your scene partners that you'll be able to build something. I have done performances before, like for piano, dance, or even scientific talks, but that's all with material to go off of so this felt very different. But everyone was supportive beforehand, and we even had some rounds of just telling each other what our strengths were which helped people to feel good going in. Incredibly, as soon as I got up there and we did the first game, it felt very natural and easy. The audience wasn't that scary, they were there with us, though of course they were all there to support someone in the group so that helped.

The guy that taught our improv classes was a huge help, booking the venue for us and giving notes in our last rehearsal. But he also opened the show for us, warmed up the audience, and that's something we'll have to learn how to do! And then we launched into our format; each half of the show started with a game that everyone could do, then 2-3 smaller group games, then a montage which is several scenes that may be linked based off a single suggestion. In the class we had really focused on montages and longer form stuff, but the games were easy and got our nerves down.

It was really hard for me to gauge the scenes I was in; I'd come off the stage and have a brief flash of "this bit went over well, oh I wish I hadn't said that" but I was also so focused on things running smoothly that I didn't have time to dwell. The scenes I wasn't in though were great! It felt like the best practice we'd done except that we happened to have an audience, which was ideal. And this was even when some of the audience suggestions were not the best; it felt like we were rolling with everything, bringing different stuff to the table, and something brilliant was emerging.

Maybe that sounds vainglorious, but let me also just say, I was not prepared for how complimentary people were after the show. Like, sure, I figured my friends and everyone from the group would be positive and supportive (regardless of what happened, really). But it was crazy to have other people's friends come over and tell me how much they liked my performance, or that they wanted to come to our next show. And there were a bunch of women from our instructor's new course who were so admiring! The funniest thing was them saying, ah you were so confident and I'm not sure we could ever do that, but of course none of us in the show have been at it for more than a few months either!

So yeah, there will be more shows. My group has a really awesome balance of people in it; it feels like everyone has their own strengths to bring to a scene, and basically every combination of people works but in a different way. There are a couple people moving to North America in the next couple months though, so we'll see how things shake out, but there are already some opportunities to perform that we're looking at. Which is thrilling, because I just love doing this.


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