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So, heh, I am not going to run that 50 mile race in the Mourne Mountains this weekend.

My shins are still bruised but okay for walking, so I tried a short run! It felt like someone was poking my bruises with every single step, and I only did a mile. I guess the harder impact of running compared to walking just jostles my legs more, and right now I can still feel it and it is painful, and there is just no way I am going to do that for 10+ hours. Plus there was the weather fail in what was supposed to be my 40 mile practice race, and on top of that I have a cold right now! Running an epically long race on bruised legs, without having run much in the last month, while getting over a cold, just does not sound fun. I'm sad to miss out on this race, which was so gorgeous last year, but I can go back next year, and I'm still going up with friends for the weekend. So it's fine, really; again I am surprised by how not guilty I feel about backing out of this. It is just so obviously not a good idea! Oh well!

And if you are extra attentive, yes, I am getting over a cold right before my improv show! Great timing, that! Four days of a very sore throat, which probably would have been fewer days if there hadn't been a six-hour improv practice at my house in the middle of that. But I think I'm to the point now where decongestants are all I'll need to get through the show Thursday. Decongestants and COURAGE.
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