May. 3rd, 2013

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Structure and Justice: "Does structurelessness eliminate competition, abuses of power, and status hierarchies, or does it just drive them underground?"

A Short Post on Rape Prevention: "If your advice to a woman to avoid rape is to be the most modestly dressed, soberest and first to go home, you may as well add 'so the rapist will choose someone else'."

Dove, Nike and the perils of positive advertising: "Let us not forget that these are still corporations, though, and what they are aiming to do is sell us on their products by associating something more ineffable with them: an image, a sensibility, self-esteem, physical empowerment. The idea is that if that association between the ineffable and the concrete product becomes strong enough, we will become loyal customers."

On the Fixed State Ally Model vs. Process Model Ally Work: "Rather than imagining myself as A Good Ally, full-stop, I try to assess whether I have been an effective ally in specific instances and in specific ways. Did I speak up when I should have? Do I equally set off-limits any 'debate' of intrinsic humanity for all populations? Am I giving enough support to writers whose life experiences are fundamentally different than my own? Am I listening?"

Process Model Ally Work, Part Two: "One of the reasons I value the model of ally work as an ongoing process (an idea which I did not invent) is not only because I need to be aware of how I can leverage my privilege on behalf of people who don't share it, and vigilant about not trading on and exploiting my privilege, but also because I have to centralize an awareness that I am privileged in ways I don't see."

Empathy! How the fudge does it work? "I'd like to observe that this garbage argument is a natural outgrowth of narratives that wrench women's reproductive health from general healthcare and set it aside as some kind of special exception. He's fine with "being told" he's got to provide health insurance to his employees, but asking him to comprehensively fund women's healthcare is a step too far. Because he doesn't view women's reproductive care as a central part of women's health."


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