Apr. 13th, 2013

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So after my race which went so well, I spent a few days in San Antonio. I was visiting friends I grew up with, whose older daughter is my goddaughter, and whose younger daughter I hadn't even met before since it had been so long since I saw them.

It's always nice seeing old friends, and I keep in pretty good contact with Jeanine so there wasn't really a disconnect at all. Still, it was odd peeking into her life which is so dissimilar to mine. She's a stay at home mom with very young kids, a new dog they are still training, a cat, a minivan, a house. This is absolutely what she wanted to be doing at this point in life, so while it can be stressful, she and her husband seem pretty happy. It doesn't really make me want to do any of that more, though, but I guess we've been on different life tracks for five years or so, since she finished with school.

We did go around San Antonio a bit, to the Alamo and the River Walk which were both very nice. Texas in the spring is a surprisingly enjoyable place, though from the sounds of it I should never ever go there in the summer. And we cooked together and did stuff with her kids, and I got both my friends into SW:TOR which I'm hoping they keep playing. I still think it would be easiest to keep up with friends if everyone blogged regularly and played an MMO. Alas, I've had a hard time converting people to either of those pursuits. If only I were in charge!


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