Apr. 12th, 2013

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The Finkbeiner Test: "There’s still a gender gap in the sciences, with far fewer women than men in research jobs, and those women earning substantially less, but it doesn’t help when journalists treat every female scientist they profile as an archetype of perseverance... 'Campaigns to recognize outstanding female scientists have led to a recognizable genre of media coverage. Let’s call it “A lady who…” genre. You’ve seen these profiles, of course you have, because they’re everywhere. The hallmark of “A lady who…” profile is that it treats its subject’s sex as her most defining detail. She’s not just a great scientist, she’s a woman! And if she’s also a wife and a mother, those roles get emphasized too.' Aschwanden cited a few examples littered with phrases like, “she is married, has two children and has been able to keep up with her research,” and proposed that, as a means of avoiding such gratuitous gender profiles, reporters adopt a simple, seven-part test."

Family Man Who Invented Relativity and Made Great Chili Dies: Writing a profile of a male scientist the way profiles of female scientists are often written shows just how silly the genre has gotten. "He made sure he shopped for groceries every night on the way home from work, took the garbage out, and hand washed the antimacassars. But to his step daughters he was just Dad. ”He was always there for us,” said his step daughter and first cousin once removed Margo. Albert Einstein, who died on Tuesday, had another life at work, where he sometimes slipped away to peck at projects like showing that atoms really exist."

Well, That's Me Told: "I know that if Senator Rob Portman, or any other privileged straight person, has been able to live to the ripe old age of 57 without ever being personally moved by seeing and hearing and feeling down to your bones how the institutional oppression of queer USians renders them second-class citizens and affects their lives in big and small ways every day of their lives, that is not an accident. That is a life of detached privilege by design."

Responses To The Steubenville Verdict Reveal Rape Culture: "Yesterday two juvenile men were convicted of rape, one was convicted of distributing a nude photo of a minor. The response by a segment of society reflects rape culture: ”an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in the media and popular culture”. Below are a series of concrete examples."

New poll finds the majority of women voters consider themselves feminists: "A poll commissioned by Ms. conducted just after the election found that 55 percent of women voters and 30 percent of men voters consider themselves feminists... In fact, white women as a whole are considerably less likely than black and Latina women to claim the label, which is in line with the voting differences I’ve noted before. And which perhaps helps to explain why much of the media continues to act as if feminists are unicorns these days."

And Then This Happened: "I know, in most cases, it is really is a "small but vocal group" of any community who engages in silencing and intimidation. But of the "large but silent group" of all these communities, who supposedly don't agree with the hostile disgorgements of the "small but vocal group," the people most likely to speak up do so primarily to defend themselves, to distance themselves from that "small but vocal group," to oblige me to reassure them that I know there is a "large but silent group" who is totally on my side, even though their silence indicates otherwise. They reach out to me, while I'm navigating the expected bile of typical garbage nightmares, in order to seek my assistance in salving their own discomfort of affiliation. Which is exactly as unwelcome as it sounds. "Hey, the rest of us aren't like those knuckleheads!" is not a comfort. It is a way of obliging me to concede that simply not being a dirtbag is sufficient action to consider themselves my ally. I will not concede that. Because it isn't."


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