Mar. 25th, 2013

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I'm definitely on track for my trail 50k in two weeks, having done 20 miles on the Wicklow Way this weekend without any issues. (Well ok, today I am sore, but manageably so.) It was snowy and icy, conditions I'm unlikely to encounter at a trail race in Texas, but everything held together fine, and I was actually able to go pretty fast on the downhills at the end. Which I couldn't do the last time I did part of the Wicklow Way, so great! I also finally signed up for the Mourne Ultra in June, that 52 mile race that I ran 39 miles of last year. I plan to finish, but failing that I plan to enjoy myself, get lost less, and stay relaxed.

And, this weekend I did something I never thought I'd do: bikram yoga. I don't do very well in the heat, generally speaking, but I actually really enjoyed it! I think my sporadic ashtanga practice, plus my endurance from running, plus the familiarity of being drenched with sweat from Philly summers, combined to give me a really good first session. I couldn't do everything, or do everything I did do perfectly, but it was enjoyable and hard and I felt great afterward. I will do this more!

I kind of miss weights, but I'm not a fan of the TCD gym's weight area which is crowded and not that well-equipped. Plus I got into weights in part because it was something Ben and I could do together, and he dislikes the TCD gym so much he is switching to somewhere else. But the TCD gym does have a nice pool, and it is in the same building as my work, so I will continue to use it for that at least.


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