Mar. 21st, 2013

road trips

Mar. 21st, 2013 01:01 pm
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I haven't had a car in four years, and it's been a lot longer since I had a regular car commute. I love commuting by walking, am a bit sad that I now have to take the train (though I always stand on the train). And I think that weekend car rentals and hourly carsharing services, like I had access to in Philly, are more practical than car ownership in most cities, assuming that you don't need a car to commute. I don't do either of those things as much here in Dublin, but also I am a lot worse at driving on the left in Dublin, so that works out just fine.

But I have to say, I miss road trips. Not enormous ones with 12-hour driving days, but there is something I find enjoyable and freeing about driving for a few hours with music playing, watching the scenery go by. And ending up somewhere cool, far from civilization, maybe with a friend or two, looking to explore. This largely reflects my having grown up out west where driving is easy and there's lots of space to cover, but even driving from Philly up to Hackettstown and back a couple weeks ago was enjoyable and reminded me how much I like road trips. Maybe I should be researching some sort of European road trip for the summer, preferably in some part of Europe where I could enjoy driving on the right.


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