Mar. 18th, 2013

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My improv comedy class wrapped up while I was in Philly, and I was pretty sad to have to miss the last class. But, the instructor is offering a second-level course which starts next week, and I am signed up for that! It's another six-week course, and I'll have to miss a day of that too, but I'm excited because the first course was such an enjoyable experience for me. It was interesting and fun and surprisingly, a lot less stress than I thought it would be.

And, I signed up for a jazz improv course on Coursera which runs for six weeks too, starting in late April. I am pretty stoked about that. I tried to learn some jazz improv skills on the piano early in grad school, on my own from a pretty decent book, but I found it a huge challenge. This is probably thanks to 20+ years of rigorous classical piano instruction, but I love jazz piano and would like to be able to do some of it myself, and I certainly have the technical ability. After signing up for the course I sat down with that book again this morning, and actually, making stuff up is less difficult than I remember it being! Thanks, grad school! I mean... thanks improv?

Also somehow I have a race in less than three weeks. Ohhh yeah. I'm not where I wanted to be mileage-wise, because of backing off when I was having Achilles tendon pain last month, and then travel and processing so much stuff. I do have enough of a base to run, though, and maybe PR since my 50k PR is kinda soft, but there's also the possibility of this being a more leisurely race later on. So I'll get my runs in beforehand, and during the race just try to focus less on results and more on having an open, accepting, and positive attitude. Which is basically what I'm working on in life at the moment.


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