Feb. 8th, 2013

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Women in Tech and Empathy Work: "I was struck by Ms. Grant’s articulation of customer-facing and intra-company work as “emotional labour.” That phrase helps me put my finger on something that’s bugged me as long as I’ve worked in tech, which is the way women are frequently cast as caregivers in the workplace — and how the work associated with that aspect of their roles is valued (or not) and compensated (or not) compared to the work performed primarily by men (i.e. coding and other heavily technical labour)."

It takes a village to silence street harassment: "If I had a nickel for every time a dude tells me to smile while I’m walking down street to the store, train, work, school… Lord, I could fund a Super PAC called “stop telling women to smile because you don’t have any clue on how to engage them,” then launch a successful messaging campaign and lobby to stop uber conservatives from curtailing reproductive rights of American women. If only I had saved all those nickels."

On Politically Correct, Again: "To me, these strongly negative reactions to this woman's critique really speak to how the term "politically correct" is a massive use of projection. The truth is not that people who think critically about how entertainment reinforces stereotypes and oppressions just go around getting all offended at stuff without even thinking about it, reacting solely on how our self-centered, solipsistic emotions react. The truth is that that's exactly what uncritical fanboy fonts of unexamined privilege do whenever they're told their favorite things might be alienating or offensive to other people."

Roe at 40: "The promise to the nation’s girls and women that we have the same chance to succeed as their male cohorts, that we are free, and that we are equal, cannot and will never be fulfilled as long as women and other people with uteri are not given agency over their own bodies. Control over our reproduction, over when and if we choose to reproduce, is an essential piece of girls’ and women’s opportunity, freedom, and equality."

Thinking About the Steubenville Rape and Raising a Son: "Nodianos’s words are telling, because for too long we’ve been teaching our sons to think of the consequences of rape within a familial context (i.e. “Imagine if it were your wife/daughter/mother”) and it’s clear that this method of education is a complete and total failure. Boys shouldn’t be taught that only women to whom they are genetically bound are worthy of being treated as human beings because, in part, that implies those who are not family are subhuman and therefore deserving of their own victimization."

How Dare You Call Me A *ist: "But behaviour is never a fully accurate reflection of character. None of us is perfectly enlightened. We all have unexamined and not fully examined attitudes which pepper our vocabularies with cliched phrases and gestures we use from habit rather than deep consideration. Bad habits we engage in unthinkingly don’t necessarily make us generally bad people or even generally thoughtless people, but this tends to be the reaction to having those bad habits challenged as marginalising behaviours – that the challenger is calling us a bad person."


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