Jan. 25th, 2013

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Most of our choices, as women, are looked upon with scorn: "No matter what women do, there will be some segment of society casting that behaviour as some combination of being too selfish, too submissive, too lazy, too bossy, too weak, too shrill, too self-sacrificing, too emotional, too cold, too unrealistic etc; very often these judgements are fundamentally contradictory and applied inconsistently, but the one thing they do have in common as a trope is that Women Are Doing It Wrong. In particular, a behaviour that might have been very much encouraged and expected and approved of when a woman is at one particular stage of life will be held up at a later stage in life as the exact reason why women who complied with that expectation cannot now expect to have access to certain opportunities offered to men at an equivalent stage of life."

To Forgive Without an Apology?: "In my experience, a sincere apology or a request for forgiveness has often facilitated my willingness to forgive others. I also know that when I have made mistakes and apologized, people have seemed more willing to forgive me. Yet, I'm not entirely sure what it means to forgive those who harm unapologetically."

Fresh starts, clean slates, and you: "The popular custom of new year’s dieting is an example of the impulse capitalized upon and expanded into a collective tradition, heavy on religious and moral symbolism, but expressed in reassuringly crisp scientific prose, complete with numerical, damn near economic, accounting mechanisms. They allow you to reimagine yourself not as an animal who lives and dies, eats and shits, who is lustful and afraid, full of inconveniently dark and unknowable recesses, both physical and psychological, but rather as a modern biochemical machine, a neatly-labeled schematic on white paper whose mysteries are laid bare, housing a ghost of pure spirit and light who condescends to eat only as an impatient concession to physical necessity, and who therefore dines on distilled biochemistry garnished with the most forward-thinking evolutionary rationalizations."

Our Absurd Fear of Fat: "How did we get into this absurd situation? That is a long and complex story. Over the past century, Americans have become increasingly obsessed with the supposed desirability of thinness, as thinness has become both a marker for upper-class status and a reflection of beauty ideals that bring a kind of privilege."

The Problem With The Big Bang Theory: "When Big Bang came along it claimed to be heralding a new age of 'geek chic', nerd culture was cool and mainstream television wanted a piece of the pie (or should that be pi?). Here was a programme whose main ensemble was made up of four highly intelligent scientists who love science fiction, fantasy and gaming. Here was a show with nerd protagonists aimed at the mainstream. We were finally getting some representation. Except that we’re not. At least not any more. And here’s my issue, here’s why The Big Bang Theory makes me feel uncomfortable. We aren’t laughing with Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard. We’re laughing at them."

Apocalypse Now: "I can’t decide what’s worse, the bizarrely ludicrous narcissism of thinking that anyone on the internet actually gave a shit, or all the mental real estate that was scorched and burned because of years of these parasitic idiotic thoughts. Now, here’s a funny irony. Which is that people actually do care about your dreams. Just not the ones you think. Most of us have at least one person in our lives who might, in fact, be interested in our most meaningful experiences and desires. That person may even have generously, silently, indulgently tolerated your whiny self-criticism and self-excoriation with a sense of quiet puzzlement."


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